residential landscaping mistakes

How to Avoid Residential Landscaping Mistakes

  1. Not having a plan → Residential landscaping projects without a plan or professional can result in a disaster. Placing plants simply for the reason that there is space is not the answer. It’s best to create a sketch of your desired Reno landscaping or seek the opinion of a professional.
  2. Not setting a budget → It’s important to be realistic when setting a budget. Tools, plants, and decorations all come at different costs, so keep in mind what is within your budget. Not to mention if you want plants, pavers, pathways or lights included in your design.
  3. Neglecting curb appeal → Increase the value of your house with a beautifully designed yard. This will instantly increase your curb appeal and leave your house the most desirable on the block!
  4. Install irrigation systems → Installing an irrigation system can help reduce the watering time and make sure plants are taken care of when you are away. It can also ensure that you are not overwatering your plants and that they can stay thriving with the perfect amount of water.
  5. Keep in mind functionality → Functionality should take place over aesthetics–make sure your home is secure, safe and practical for family, children, and pets.flower plants residential landscaping mistakes
  6. Planting in the wrong areas → Make sure to group your plants according to their water needs. In this way, you won’t be wasting water. Also, be careful not to place plants in areas without proper sunlight. If your garden doesn’t receive the right amount of exposure from the sun, your plants can quickly wilt. If it is a very bright, sunny spot, you may want to plant a succulent rather than a plant that doesn’t require as much sunlight.
  7. Planting too deeply →  When planting trees, you want to make sure that you aren’t planting them too deep into the ground. Planting too deep can cause your tree to deteriorate, yellow, and eventually rot.
  8. Know your annuals and perennials → When purchasing flowers for your yard, it’s important to know the difference between your annual plants and your perennial plants. Annuals are plants that are purchased and planted only in the spring and summer months. Perennials are plants that continually grow for years and remain inactive during the winter time.
  9. Using the wrong tools→  You can spend hours planning out your perfect yard, but using the wrong landscaping tools can produce unexpected results. When working on your Reno landscaping, it’s important to use tools such as a rake, lawn mower, shears, a wheelbarrow, shovels, and more to achieve desired results.
  10. Overlooking maintenance → You have had the professionals in, and the manicured yard is fresh with flowering plants and a paved pathway. From here on, it is important not to overlook maintenance to keep the yard clean, fresh and trimmed.

The Most Overlooked Mistake

Landscaping in Reno can be costly and complicated so one of the biggest residential landscaping mistakes is not hiring a landscape designer or architect. Save time and money and have a professional from Antonucci Lawn and Garden plan and design your residential landscaping. 

Hire Residential Landscaping Professionals

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