Outdoor FireplacesOutdoor fireplaces are going to be a hot trend in 2019. Not only do they look stunning, but they are great for entertaining or spending time with the family!


One question you need to ask yourself before installing an outdoor fireplace is, what is its purpose? Some people build outdoor fireplaces for entertainment purposes, while others use it to double as a cooking and eating space.


Depending on what look you are going for in your yard, there are a few materials you can choose from. Your fireplace can be built using brick, stone, rock, concrete, or stucco.


For a gas fireplace, there is no chimney required. This is a less expensive outdoor fireplace option because gas fireplaces only require a small amount of fuel.


There will need to be a lot of thought put into the placement of your outdoor fireplace. You want the fireplace to be close enough to your home to be accessible, but not too close because that can become a safety hazard. It’s important that you don’t build your fireplace beneath a wall or the roof, and that it is properly ventilated.

Draining Your Fireplace

Living in Reno, Nevada, we tend to get a lot of snow and ice. This is a big factor to keep in mind when building an outdoor fireplace. You will want to have a draining system for water to flow out of so that your fireplace doesn’t get damaged.

Things to Keep in Mind While Building

If you are planning on installing a gas fireplace in your backyard, you will have to make sure that it abides by the city regulations. In order to build and install a gas fireplace in your yard, you need to have a vent pipe and a gas line. This gas line will have a connection point from the house to the fireplace.

Professional Reno Landscaping Contractors

With 2019 in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about your residential landscape design and services! Connect with one of our sales representatives to get more information about your outdoor landscaping in Reno. Antonucci Lawn and Garden has Reno landscaping services that can make your vision a reality.

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