Antonucci Lawn and Garden were hired to redesign the landscape at a large apartment community in Sparks, NV. Here is the progression of our Reno landscaping design.

Landscape Maintenance

Phase 1

As one of the premier property Reno landscape maintenance and installation companies, Antonucci Lawn and Garden is especially attentive to the needs of our multi-family communities. Each project is uniquely designed and plotted out per the exact specifications of our client. Our expert Reno landscaping designers offer design and aesthetic advice that will not only add value but provide a comfortable environment for the folks living there.

We began in the demo phase of our landscape design Reno project and prepared to build a beautiful dry creek bed and paver walkway, enhanced with large and small decorative boulders. Plants and some smaller trees will bring a warm feeling to the area.

In Phase 2, we will start to see the development of the dry creek bed and the placement of the boulders.

Phase 2

Landscape MaintenanceOur installation crew has added various sized boulders throughout the area and cut the grade for a dry creek bed. We have also added various trees and plants to the area. We planted Austrian Pine trees, Multi-Trunk Canada Red trees, Lavender, Dwarf Mugho pine, Red Rock Roses, Butterfly Bushes, and Karl Foerster Grasses. Drip irrigation, rock, and DG will start to go in later today.




Landscape MaintenanceAntonucci Lawn and Garden have finished redesigning the landscape at a large apartment community in Sparks, NV. Our landscape installation project took just 10 working days to complete. The plants and trees give the area a warm comfortable feel and the dry creek bed offers a nice contrast to the 1″ x 3″ fractured rock. We also installed a paver walkway in the center of the project. All in all, this was a huge improvement not only aesthetically but also from a water use standpoint.

This area used to be a lawn area and with this new xeriscape design, our client will see a 60% to 70% cost reduction in water consumption for this area!! Water conservation is a big part of what we strive for in our designs. Give us a call today to see how we can help beautify your property while saving you money on water expense.. #alawnandgarden

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