Antonucci Lawn and Garden brings you one of the most popular trees for both commercial and residential landscaping- the Autumn Blaze Maple Tree.


The Autumn Blaze maple is actually a cross between the Red maple (Acer Rubrum)  and Silver maple (Acer Saccharinum) trees.  The Red maple contributes to the strength and color of the Autumn Blaze, while the Silver maple contributed the fast growth rate and the hardiness of the Autumn Blaze. It is a perfect combination of strength and beauty.

Designed for Durability

It is one of the larger maple trees, growing in excess of 40 to 50 feet high and spanning a width of 30 to 40 feet. The Autumn Blaze is very adaptable to various soil conditions and climates. This larger maple has an extensive fibrous root system that takes water and nutrients from the topsoil.  As a young tree, the Autumn Blaze will grow very fast the first couple of years, up to 3 feet per year. As the tree continues to mature, the growth rate will slow down. This is definitely one of the most drought tolerant maple trees. It will require regular watering and fertilization the first couple of years, however, after that, the Autumn Blaze will flourish on its own under most conditions.

Another popular application of the tree is to utilize them as a windbreak. As we all know here in Northern Nevada, the wind can blow something fierce. These trees provide not only a great windbreak, but strength against 50 to 60 mph Nevada winds. And during the fall you will be rewarded with an absolutely beautiful array of deep red and orange colors lining your yard.

Favorite Fall Colors

This, of course, leads us into the main reason most people want to plant the Autumn Blaze maple tree in their yard: the rich beautiful fall colors. This is one of the most spectacular fall trees in the entire country. Their rich orange and red leaves that extend long into the fall season. This deep lush color creates a canopy of beauty in your yard that is unmatched. The autumn season is truly enhanced with the Autumn Blaze maple, combined with the cold crisp fall air. A perfect combination leading into the winter months.

Autumn Maple Blaze TreeAutumn Maple Blaze TreeAutumn Maple Blaze TreeAutumn Maple Blaze Tree

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