What is Xeriscape?

Xeriscape Yard DesignA form of softscape, xeriscaping is the practice of designing landscape specifically for areas susceptible to drought. Literally meaning “dry landscape,” xeriscape Reno landscaping focuses on water conservation using plants with low water requirements.

When you think of drought-tolerant plants, images of cacti and succulents come to mind, not leafy greens and flowering petals. However, there are many attractive plants that don’t require much water. More than that, the grouping and organization of the plants helps to reduce the amount of water used.

When plants are grouped based on water requirements, it helps to conserve water and also helps keep plants from dying due to overwatering. This also helps with the process of irrigation, where water is delivered to the root zone and nowhere else.

Ways to incorporate xeriscape designs into your Reno landscaping project:

  • Native plants – Native plants have adapted to our arid environment and require much less water. You can find many attractive and water efficient native plants and shrubs for home landscapes in local Xeriscape Yard Designplant nurseries. Some plants native to the Northern Nevada area include the Snowbrush, Mountain whitethorn, Mahala mat, Desert peach, Bush ocean spray, and Western serviceberry.
  • Fewer grass areas – a lawn is one of the biggest drains of water as it demands constant attention. This can be grain on money as well as conservation efforts. Instead of a full lawn of grass, reduce lawn grass areas. Or, opt for tall ornamental grass, such as Maiden grass, or for a drought-resistant grass, such as blue fescue grass or Zebra grass.
  • Drought-tolerant trees and shrubs – Use drought-tolerant trees and shrubs as the backbone of your xeriscaped yard. Sunburst honey locust trees or red bird of paradise shrubs can dominate the back row. Then fill in the next layers with flowering plants and perennials such as Lewisia.


Xeriscaping is a way to design a beautiful landscape while watering less. If you would like to be environmentally friendly and use fewer resources, investing in xeriscaping might be the option for you.

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For anyone considering a xeriscape, an experienced landscaper is vital to this process. Antonucci Lawn and Garden are experts when it comes to Reno landscaping services. Our Reno landscapers can help you design the layout of your landscape, as well as helping you decide which native and drought-resistant plants are best suited to your soil and watering availability. Antonucci Lawn and Garden provides ideal landscaping services in Reno, NV at a low cost. Our professional landscapers can make your vision a reality. For Reno landscaping services, schedule a consultation by calling Antonucci at 775.841.5296. Or, visit our website and request a quote.

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