Antonucci Lawn and Garden is continuing its series on local plants and trees. So with spring in full force, we would like to highlight some of our favorite springtime Annuals that we will be planting over the next 2 to 3 weeks. Petunias One of the most popular annuals to plant, homeowners love Petunias for… Read More

Another High Sierra favorite, Antonucci Lawn and Garden is highlighting the Quaking Aspen. Contact How The Quaking Aspen Got It’s Name This brilliant tree is also known as the Trembling Aspen, named appropriately because of its leaves. The aspen’s leaves are flat with a lengthy stalk, creating the trembling or quaking effect in the light… Read More

Antonucci Lawn and Garden brings you one of the most popular trees for both commercial and residential landscaping- the Autumn Blaze Maple Tree. Contact The Autumn Blaze maple is actually a cross between the Red maple (Acer Rubrum)  and Silver maple (Acer Saccharinum) trees.  The Red maple contributes to the strength and color of the… Read More

Antonucci Lawn and Garden brings you a Northern Nevada favorite- the Chanticleer pear tree. Contact With spring upon us, we are seeing some beautiful trees and plants blossoming here in Northern Nevada. One in particular is the Chanticleer pear tree. The Chanticleer pear is a deciduous tree that maintains a very attractive look throughout all… Read More

Remodel Series I am sitting in my office getting ready to embark on a journey. It is 4 and a half hours away to the middle of the state. The reason? Installing an irrigation system, 9 large trees and 4600 square feet of sod. We will be staying on site for 5 – 6 days.… Read More