Antonucci Lawn and Garden brings you a Northern Nevada favorite- the Chanticleer pear tree.


Chanticleer Pear

With spring upon us, we are seeing some beautiful trees and plants blossoming here in Northern Nevada. One, in particular, is the Chanticleer pear tree. It is a deciduous tree that maintains a very attractive look throughout all four seasons.  During the springtime, the Chanticleer pear tree radiates beautiful white flower clusters that normally bloom in April or early May. For the most explosive springtime flowering, you should fertilize the Chanticleer each year right before it blossoms. The Chanticleer pear tree will transform the look of your landscaping Reno, Sparks, Carson City designs.

Flowering Tree

This ornate tree stands between 25 to 35 feet and some even grow to 40 feet in height. After flowering in the springtime, the Chanticleer pear tree produces small round fruit. Though edible, they are quite bitter in taste.

This is an ideal tree for planting due to its cone-like shape which resembles more of an evergreen tree than its deciduous friends. That being said, The Chanticleer only requires about 15 feet of space. This allows multiple Chanticleer trees to be planted next to each other creating a beautiful hedge-like barrier for privacy. Most of the maintenance comes in the first year. After the first blossom falls, you should give the tree a good trimming. After that initial trim, you will only need to trim to maintain the width and shape that you desire.

Fall Colors

During the summer, the Chanticleer pear tree is covered with deep, dark green leaves, which then transitions to a reddish-purple color during the fall. The Chanticleer pear keeps its leaves into late November.

The Chanticleer pear tree has often been called the sidewalk tree due to the fact that it is a very hardy tree.  You will often see these trees lined along the sidewalks of many commercial buildings. They are lined up in front of the capitol building in Carson City for the entire block.  It is a beautiful array of white blossoms during the spring as seen by the pictures below.

Chanticleer Pear
Check back next week with our Reno landscaping services as we highlight another Northern Nevada favorite, the Snapdragon Flower.

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