Don’t believe that beautiful gardens can exist in the desert? Creating a lively, functional and creative landscape in our desert climate can be a reality with a plan in place. Learning what paving materials, native plants, irrigation systems and other designs to use can greatly influence the design of your desert Reno landscaping. Here are some creative ways to build your lush desert garden.

1. Native plants

Water-retaining succulents, ground covers, trees, and other drought-tolerant plants native to Nevada will grow well in a desert environment as they are already accustomed to a dry, hot climate. These plants do not need as much water and are often very low-maintenance. Also, consider using synthetic or artificial grass versus a natural lawn that will require lots of water.

2. Irrigation systemsDesert Landscaping, reno landscaping services

It’s important to group plants according to irrigation needs. By zoning your plants, you designate plant areas that need more or less water, meaning you waste less water. In the desert, you want your watering irrigation to be as efficient as possible. A drip irrigation system loses little water to evaporation and runoff.

3. Paving materials

Add decorative appeal to your desert Reno landscaping by using stone borders, different colored aggregates, stains, special designs or other permeable paving materials to avoid water runoff. Concrete pavers are placed in a gravel walkway as stepping stones, and pervious concrete has an open structure that allows water to run through, not only adding decorative appeal but also efficiency to your desert landscaping in Reno.

Desert Landscaping, reno landscaping services

4. Outdoor furniture  

Avoid dark-colored materials that will absorb the heat of the sun. Choose furniture that will reflect heat, stay cool and resist sun exposure. While metal chairs may look nice, they will store heat and be scorching to the touch. Solar lights or an outdoor fireplace can add comfort on a cool summer night while also cutting energy consumption.

Desert Plants Include:

  • CactiDesert Landscaping, reno landscaping services
  • Yarrow
  • Yucca
  • Russian Sage
  • Autumn Sage
  • Evening Primrose
  • California Fuschia
  • Bluebeard

The key to beautifully designed and successful desert Reno landscaping is knowledge and planning. Reno landscapers at Antonucci Lawn and Garden can help you decide on the design and implementation of your desert landscape. Our extensive knowledge of plant material, color, and texture combined with our knowledge of plant performance will provide you with that one of a kind yard. 

We are experts when it comes to Reno landscaping services. Let a professional plan your landscaping design with Antonucci Lawn and Garden.

Plan Your Desert Reno Landscaping Design

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