Planning for your residential landscaping makeover can be a lot of work. There’s a lot to consider when revamping your yard’s look. Before you dive right into designing and ripping up old plants and terrain, take a look at our Reno residential lawn and landscaping tips. We’ll help you properly prepare for your journey to a beautiful yard.

Tips for Fertilizing Your Lawn

#1 Make A Plan

Out of all the residential landscaping tips we can give, this one should be done first. While you may be excited to get started right away on your Reno landscaping project, it’s important that you take the time to create a plan. Knowing exactly what you want before you begin the actual work will help the Reno lawn and landscaping process go more smoothly. You should determine your landscape needs and wants. For instance:

  • Do you need a space for your kids to play? 
  • Do you have dogs that will require their own area to do their business and run around? 
  • Any plans of growing a vegetable garden? 
  • Or are you keen on hosting fun outdoor events for your friends and family? 

These are just a few questions to keep in mind when you’re deciding your Reno landscaping needs and wants. 

#2 Set Your Budget

It can be very disheartening to get started on your Reno landscaping project to later realize you didn’t set enough money aside for all the beautiful things you want in your yard. Avoid having to change your design idea due to insufficient funds by setting a realistic budget for yourself. Before you get started on your project, add up the necessary tools and materials needed to complete the job. 

And if you want to be even more prepared for the cost of your landscaping project, add in an extra 10-15% for unexpected expenses. This will ensure that your project can continue even through sudden obstacles.

Landscape Design Reno#3 Design Accordingly

One of the best residential landscaping tips we can give is to design your new yard according to its current assets. You should make a note of where the sun shines on your yard and where will be the best place to plant shrubs, flowers, herbs, etc. If your yard is prone to being overly sunny or overly shaded, buy plants that can sustain that type of environment. 

Furthermore, you should group plants together according to their watering needs. If you place a plant that requires lots of water next to a plant that only needs watering once a week, you could run into conflict. 

Knowing the difference between annual plants and perennial plants will also help ensure the success of your landscape. Annuals are plants that are planted in the spring and summer months and only live through one life cycle. Perennials are plants that continually grow for years and remain inactive during the winter time. Having perennials can reduce the amount of maintenance your yard will require because these plants don’t have to be newly planted each year. 

Most importantly, take your home’s functionality and security into consideration when planning your residential landscape. This should be your number one priority, so make sure the design of your yard will allow your home to remain practical for the whole family. 

 #4 Use the Proper Reno Landscaping Tools

This residential landscaping tip is more important than you may think. Using the wrong tools can produce undesired results, and after all the work you put into your planning, this can be very upsetting. Utilizing the right tools will make the process easier and faster for you. Specific tools that may be necessary for your landscaping project are:

  • Rakes
  • Shears
  • Shovels
  • Lawn mower
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Cultivator/Weeder

#5 Have A Maintenance Plan In Place

After you’ve finished your Reno landscaping project, you’ll need to plan your Reno lawn and landscaping maintenance routine. This is very important if you want your yard to sustain its newfound beauty. Make sure you keep up with your newly manicure yard by trimming, pruning, and watering regularly. And replant when necessary to keep your yard looking its best. 

If you set time aside to maintain your yard on a regular basis, it will keep you from having too much work to do all at once. And if you don’t have the time to up-keep your yard, consider hiring a Reno lawn and landscaping company to do this for you.

Commercial Landscaping Services

Our Best Residential Landscaping Tip Yet

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