Winter games, crackling fires, and delicious foods – there are many reasons why hosting an outdoor party during winter can make for a great party. As long as you can keep your guests happy and warm, there are many activities that are only best when there is snow on the ground and a frost in the air. Don’t let the cold weather keep you indoors, with this guide you’ll be set to host the perfect winter party using Reno landscaping services.

What You’ll Need

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Fire Feature

Once the sun sets, the temperatures plummet. Having outdoor heating to help winterize your backyard and keep your guests warm is a must-have for an outdoor winter party. A large patio heater or an outdoor fireplace can add a toasty atmosphere to the space.

With an outdoor fireplace, have plenty of firewood ready and get a steady fire going for guests to gather around. You can even cook your food with a grill over the fire, or pull the cover off the barbecue. And don’t forget a fan favorite – s’mores!

LightingReno Landscaping Experts

It gets dark fast in the middle of winter, so make sure you have lighting ready to go for when the sun sets. Walkway lighting such as solar powered or low-voltage lights provides easy and efficient lighting, easily helping guide your guests to the front door or through the backyard.

Also, using lighting effects can help you to highlight the features of your yard you want guests to notice. with shadowing or pathway lighting techniques, you can wow friends and neighbors with your beautifully landscaped yard.


Have you already packed away your patio furniture? Now you can decorate your patio differently. If you have built-in seats designed into the patio or retaining walls, place down some cushions for warmth and comfort. Otherwise, try putting in some bales of straw and cover them up with a blanket. A picnic table can also be a good addition when draped with a tablecloth. Decorate the table with candles or pinecones and help create a warm ambiance.

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Natural Decorations

Let nature’s inspiration rule as your backyard decorations for a winter party.

Decorative rock or pavers: A low maintenance landscaping element, pavers or decorative rock for flowerbeds, walkways or outdoor living areas help to spruce up the look of your outdoor space all year long!

Planting: Vegetation like hardy shrubs, evergreen trees, and winter-blooming flowers look good all year round. Artificial grass also creates a level, mud-free surface during the winter where your guests don’t have to stand in wet, muddy grass and track it into your house. Consider integrating some of those elements to your backyard design.

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Now that you know the best elements for hosting your own outdoor winter party, it’s time to get planning! Do you need help designing the perfect outdoor space to host winter parties? Let our commercial and residential landscaping company help! Contact our landscaping and lawn experts today and ask about all of our Reno landscaping services.


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