As the summer comes to an end and the fall approaches, it is the ideal time to start planting flowers and vegetables that thrive in the fall and winter seasons and will help you in achieving the perfect fall landscape. There are many upsides to Reno landscaping and gardening in the fall, such as soil temperature and cooler temperatures. Antonucci Lawn and Garden is here to help you create the perfect fall landscaping design in Reno! Trust the expertise of our commercial and residential landscaping company.

Perfect Fall Landscape, reno landscaping services

Cool-Season Grass

Cool-season grass is grass that grows best in sixty to seventy-degree weather and flourishes in the fall and the spring seasons. Various types of cool-season grass are bluegrass, ryegrass, and fescue grass. Cool-season grasses should be planted in areas that experience cooler climates. It’s best to plant your cool-season grass seeds in the fall season so it has all winter through spring to grow and stay healthy. Planting the seeds in the spring will result in brittle and unhealthy grass due to the harsh summer heat.

The Planting Process

When it comes to planting cool-season grass seeds, it’s important to make sure that you have the time to care for and nurture your lawn. It is recommended to use a sprinkler system to water the grass to make sure that every seed is getting the nutrients and water they need to grow. The next step in the planting process is to lay down the seeds. You’ll want to lay them in a grid-like pattern for optimum growth.

The Watering ProcessPerfect Fall Landscape, reno landscaping services

As we mentioned in the planting process, a sprinkler system is the best way to water cool-season grass. When watering your freshly planted seeds, you’ll want to set a timer on your sprinkler system for 6-8 minutes a day. You don’t want to water your grass any longer than 8 minutes because this can cause flooding which will lead to uneven seed placement and empty patches of grass. When summertime hits and the heat starts to suck up some of the moisture out of your grass, this is when you start to water deeply. This means watering your lawn with up to 1 inch of water per week.


When it comes to selecting which flowers you would like to plant for the upcoming season, you have to take into account which types of flowers are best for the fall climate.

Perfect Fall Landscape, reno landscaping services


Fall is the perfect time to plant your bulbs in preparation for spring. This gives the bulbs all of the winter season to adjust and develop strong roots. Once the springtime rolls around, you’ll have a beautiful display of spring bulbs. If it is common to find deer, raccoons, or other animals in your area, lean towards Daffodil or Allium bulbs to keep them from eating away at your garden.


Pansies are a hardy flower, they have the ability to withstand the fall and winter temperatures and bloom perfectly in time for spring. When purchasing and planting pansies, it’s best to buy a variety of pansies (different sizes and types).

Cool-Season Vegetables

The fall season calls for hayrides, pumpkin pie, and hearty stews. Nothing is better than making a tasty, fall stew with your own home-grown vegetables! Carrots, radishes, brussel sprouts, and spinach are just a few of the vegetables that flourish during the fall season.

When it comes to planting your own vegetables, it’s better to plant them early on so that they have plenty of time to mature. When you are purchasing your vegetable seed packets, take a look at the back to assess how long it will take for the seeds to mature. The maturity time is important because each vegetable has a different maturity rate, so this gives you a good sense of when you should plant each individual set of veggies!

Perfect Fall Landscape

Reno Landscaping Services for Fall

Antonucci Lawn and Garden is a commercial and residential landscaping company that has all of the necessary tools you will need to create your perfect fall Reno landscaping design. If you are interested in learning more tips and tricks about landscape design and about our Reno landscaping services, call us or visit our website today!

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