Anyone who lives in Reno knows how difficult it is to maintain a healthy, green lawn in the heat of summer. Grass grows best in moderate climates with heavy moisture, which Reno residents know is not found here. However, with extra care and attention, you can grow thick, luscious, and healthy grass, even in our hot desert climate. And being stuck at home gives you the perfect opportunity to improve your lawn and turn your yard into your oasis. Please take a look at some of our tips for growing the best lawn in your neighborhood, or connect with our Reno landscaping company to help you get your lawn started!

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Reno Lawn Care Tips

#1 Seeding and Getting Your Lawn Ready

Laying down seed at the right time of the year is the first step to getting a full, green lawn all summer long. Seed takes best when temperatures are a bit cooler, so the ideal time to spread seed is in the early spring or mid-fall. Before you lay any seed, however, be sure to measure your lawn, so you know how much seed to purchase, and get a soil test. A soil test will help you identify the type of soil you have to work with and help narrow down your seed selection.

This will lead you to the best seed for your yard and gives your lawn a better chance of making it through the rising temperatures.

#2 Perfect Your Watering Technique

One of the essential steps in lawn care, especially in the summer, is watering. Grass requires a sufficient amount of moisture to continue growing and to maintain its vibrant green color. Shorter grass will need to be watered more frequently, and shallow watering encourages grass to grow shorter roots, leading to stress during times of drought. Ideally, you want your lawn to absorb about 1 inch of water per week. This will help promote longer growing roots, helping your grass survive heavy sun exposure and high temperatures.

#3 Stop Mowing Low

Some assume that the lower you mow your lawn, the less you’ll have to do it, and the easier it will be. However, this does affect the growth of grass and can cause unwanted imperfections in your yard. You should instead avoid cutting grass too short and allow it to grow out a bit. Longer grass has longer roots, which is important in dry, hot climates. The longer roots will be able to reach lower parts of the ground, usually kept moist by being far from the warm surface. SO, be sure to mow high and keep your lawn a bit taller in the height of the summer heat.

#4 Regularly Feed Your Lawn

Lawn food is critical during the summer. Summer temperatures and increased amounts of water can diminish the nutrients in your soil, which can prevent your grass from growing. It would be best to replenish the nutrients of your lawn by spreading fertilizers or lawn feed across your lawn every 4-6 weeks. The grass feed also helps your lawn come in nice and thick, which overcrowds the area and prevents weeds from growing. Also, lawn feed is formulated to keep the soil cool, which helps grass thrive during rises of hot weather.

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Lawn maintenance or lawn care can be a time consuming and tiring task, but the results make it all worthwhile. However, a busy schedule or lack of proper equipment can make it difficult to get the lawn of your dreams. Thankfully, services from Antonucci Lawn and Garden take away the hassle of having a beautiful, lush, green lawn. From design to maintenance, we can help you turn your yard into an oasis; you’ll be happy to escape. Connect with our Reno landscaping experts to see how we can help you create the perfect lawn!

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