Landscaping Reno, reno landscaping servicesIf you’re interested in updating the outdoor aesthetic of your home, using Reno landscaping services may be the answer you are looking for. In order to find a reliable service provider, you need to know the types of landscape installation available. 

The different types of landscape installation include hardscape and softscape. Hardscape design installation includes rocks, fountains, designed patios or paved walkways. Whereas, softscape installation focuses on living things such as shrubs, plants and flower beds.

Understanding Hardscape Design

Different stairs or sidewalks are the most common form of hardscape design. Hardscape installation is necessary before installing any sort of softscape, as it provides a base to your soil by creating a sound irrigation system. Hardscape includes different artificial drainage systems for your soil and eliminates the fear of soil erosion while installing floral arrangements. After completing your hardscape, you can move on to floral decorations.

It is crucial to choose the best company for handling your hardscape design plan so your landscaping is done right in Reno. The external architecture is the base of any house which attracts visitors and potential buyers.

Antonucci Lawn and Garden has the knowledge and professional team for making your outdoors look beautiful with any softscape or hardscape design.

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Landscaping Reno, reno landscaping services

Landscaping Reno Services

Antonucci Lawn and Garden works to provide the best hardscape design and Reno landscaping services. They also provide a colorful variety of pavers to meet your goals.

The team of professionals works with you to help in choosing the best Reno landscaping services for you. Their unique designs for paved walkways and patios are cost-effective and durable.

The company offers different hardscape services including:

  • Subgrade preparation
  • Fencing or wooden screening
  • Walkways and sitting areas
  • Awnings, pavilions, and gazebos

Skilled workers compact the entire area after completion, which makes your hardscape more durable. The professionals also work with landscape pavers to pave outdoor floors, creating a variety of landscaping Reno designs.

Not only does Antonucci Lawn and Garden install pavers, but they also repair in case of damage, and can shift the piece without breaking the whole landscape.

Let Antonucci Lawn and Garden help make your outdoors look magical with our Reno landscaping services. Visit our online gallery for ideas, or request a quote today! 

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