For your business, the public’s perception is a huge factor in your success. The benefits of an inviting commercial landscaping can often be overlooked, but they are extensive. Sustaining commercial landscape maintenance and an alluring lawn garden design is crucial to keeping clients and customers, attracting new ones, and creating a professional and presentable atmosphere.

However, commercial landscaping in Reno, NV is an intricate ordeal that can be difficult to maintain. Throughout the spring and summer months your gardens, shrubs, and grass are flourishing until the cold starts to set in. This blog will offer some tips and advice on commercial landscape maintenance during the fall and winter seasons.

Aerate Your Grass

Aerating your grass is a great way to improve the overall health of your grass and prepare it for fall and winter. Aeration will also help stir up the soil and get rid of the layer of thatch while helping fertilizers soak in more effectively.


With your grass aerated, it’s the perfect time to apply some fertilizer. A late fall or early winter fertilization will promote deeper rooting, help resist winter damage, and enhance your spring growth. We recommend using a fertilizer high in nitrogen for best winter/fall results.

Wrap Your Trees, Shrubs and Plants

If your commercial landscaping is abundant with shrubbery, you might want to consider wrapping them for protection against the harsh winter weather conditions. This is especially important if you have recently planted new trees or plants, as young shrubbery is more susceptible to damage. You can easily wrap the base with burlap or any other specialized material to provide extra protection.


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Eliminate Weeds and Invasive Plants

During the spring and summer months, you spend so much time eliminating and regulating weeds on your property. Take advantage of the fall and winter to address this problem, and you will be able to better control weeds and pests. When spring comes back around your trees, shrubs, and plants will be free from those pests to flourish, and it will promote their long-term health.

Maintain Snow and Ice

As most property owners know, snow and ice can create a huge liability. Not only does it put people in danger of slipping if it is left untamed, but it can also damage your landscaping. If ice and snow are left to pile up it can cause irreversible damage to where you may need to redo your landscape. So just remember to continuously remove and manage ice and snow throughout winter to avoid any liability or landscape issues.

Drain and Turn Off Sprinkler System

Once temperatures get right above the freezing level, make sure to drain your sprinkler system and turn it off for the winter. If water is left inside the system, your pipes could potentially freeze, or worse, burst, which will mean it’s time for a new sprinkler system.

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With winter quickly approaching in the Northern Nevada area, it’s time to start thinking about cold weather commercial landscaping prevention. Here at Antonucci Lawn and Garden, we are equipped with the best knowledge and tools to optimize your lawn garden care. Contact us today to learn more about commercial landscape maintenance or other services.

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