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Today we are preparing for our trip out to Austin, Nevada for 6-day residential landscape services. We are going to be installing an irrigation system, 9 large trees, and 4,600 square feet of Sod. We are going to post daily updates throughout the entirety of the week, and discuss our process! If you are interested in our services, call and speak with one of our representatives.

Remodel SeriesRemodel SeriesRemodel SeriesRemodel SeriesRemodel SeriesRemodel SeriesRemodel SeriesRemodel SeriesRemodel Series

Day 1

It’s Day 1 of our residential landscaping job and consists of traveling, the job’s location is about four and a half hours away. Tomorrow, we will begin the job by setting the grade and starting the installation of the irrigation system. For the water supply, we are going to be connecting to an artesian spring. The system will consist of ten lawn zones and two drip irrigation zones. The irrigation controller is a Hunter Industries ICC with Solar Sync. This will automatically water the lawn and trees when the conditions permit it.

Day 2

Day 2 brought a lot of progress. We were able to set down the grade and build the most of the manifold for the irrigation system. With every win, we also encountered challenges, but nothing we couldn’t overcome. Juan ran the point with Omero, got the grade set, and brought in the compost for the grass. The soil out here isn’t terrible, but it was necessary to add some compost and till it in; this helps offset the high alkalinity in the native soil.

Johnny and I worked on the irrigation system, starting by digging five feet into the ground until we found the existing pipe. Then, after we found the pipe it was time to install the stop and the waste valve. Our products of choice are from the brand, Mueller because they are of superior quality! After the stop and waste valves were installed, we added a 2″100 mesh inline cartridge filter. The filter will prevent any sediment from seeping into the valves.

Day 3, we will start laying the pipes down and installing sprinkler heads in the front lawn.

Day 3

In the morning, we continued installing the backyard irrigation system. In the front yard, the final grade was being established and the rock border between the house and the lawn area went in. The sod and trees arrived not too long after we began the day. We got our sod from Western Turf in Reno, Nevada; and our trees from Mountain View Farm in Gardnerville, Nevada.

The irrigation controller was completely installed and ready to go. We are about halfway done with this project, our goal for day 4 is to plant the trees and lay down the sod.

Day 4

Our goal was to plant the trees and the grass in the front yard. And, the irrigation controller is programmed and ready to be used.

Day 5

Our main goal for day 5 is to tie up all of the loose ends. We added rock to the front yard, so all we have left to do is install the backyard rock and cleanup. The trees are wrapped with a 4-foot high, wire mesh screen. It is installed four inches below the grade to deter any bunnies that might come around and try to eat away at the bark; it’s also high enough to prevent bucks from rubbing their velvet and damaging the tree trunks.

We planted two Blue Atlas Cedars, one Red Oak, one Autumn Maple Blaze Multi-Trunks, three Autumn Maple Blazes, and two Mountain Ash trees. All of the deciduous trees are 3″ to 3.5″ tall, and the Cedars are 12″ tall. I chose these for their hardiness, low maintenance, and beautiful foliar.

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