With unparalleled Reno landscaping services and a gallery of landscapes that reflect it, there is no better landscape design company than our Reno landscaping team at Antonucci Lawn and Garden. For exceptional customer service, quality work, and a professional team, call us today to fulfill your Reno landscaping desires – whether that be landscape design, installation or maintenance.

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Exceptional Reno Landscaping Customer Service

For a company that is eager to serve, Antonucci Lawn and garden top the list with their excellent customer service. Not only do we provide quality lawn care and maintenance services, but we always call back. If we don’t call back within 24 hours, then lunch is on us. What we pride ourselves on at Antonucci Lawn and Garden is our excellent drive to serve our clients with our Reno landscaping services. We know what it is like to call and never get an answer, so with Antonucci, you will never have that experience.

Not only that, but our Reno landscaping team replies quickly and efficiently to your requests, whether it be seasonal maintenance or new landscape design. Don’t just ask us, but hear it from someone just like you.

“We love the fact that you treat our home with the same care you would give your own. Your work, judgment and reliability have been a blessing to us. We would and have recommended your services to all that ask.” – Danita and Scott Stearns

Quality Work

Reno Landscaping

Sure, there are many other services in Reno that can come and clean up your landscape in a jiffy, but none provide the quality of work that we do. You may have to wait, but in the end, you’ll get better results than anywhere else. Not to mention at a fair price. With two contracting licenses in the state of Nevada, you are guaranteed that the service you receive will be unparalleled.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is “that little extra”. Our extensive knowledge of plant material, color, and texture combined with our knowledge of plant performance will provide you with that one of a kind experience, and that one of a kind landscape.

Professional Team

At Antonucci Lawn and Garden, we always follow through with what we promise. Our Reno landscaping team always demands excellence and provides quality beyond expectations. Beginning with expert consultation, we will discuss thoroughly what you want for your landscape, lending our knowledge as experts along the way. Our team can help determine what the best landscaping Reno design and layout for your property will be, based on your individual needs, the area, and local weather patterns.

Once our objectives are decided, we will create a consistent image for your property that reflects quality and professionalism. When you trust our team of Reno landscaping experts, we guarantee that our landscaping services will meet your deadlines and leave you with a property that turns your vision into a reality.


For the best landscaping Reno NV service, give us a call. 775.841.5296.

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