Have you ever dreamt of having wonderful water features placed behind your house? Or ever think of a magical lighting floral arrangement around your walkways? Do you want to change the way the surroundings of your house looks?

Make your dreams a reality with Antonucci Lawn and Garden residential Reno landscaping services. When it comes to providing your residence with a look that will mesmerize your neighbors and guests, Antonucci is a company you can trust.

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What is residential landscaping?

Residential LandscapingResidential landscaping is a way of enhancing the features of your home in a creative manner. Beautiful rocks, colorful pavers, and fountains are some of the most in-demand features that are part of residential landscaping.

Beautiful residential landscapes play a vital role in reflecting your personality. They also can amaze and appeal to your neighbors while giving your house a refreshing look. Floral arrangements and planting is the key to spread positivity around your immediate vicinity. 

Antonucci Lawn and Garden have a vast variety of residential landscaping services to opt for. You can view them online through their gallery. They also help you by giving different creative ideas according to your house.

The experts at Antonucci Lawn and Garden can also help in crafting a new, creative design as per your choice. The team of experts immediately starts their work once you finalize your design.

You can select different pavers, stones or plants for your lawn. Antonucci Lawn and Garden also help in making a long-term residential landscaping maintenance planner can come by seasonally for a clean-up.

Available Reno Landscaping Services

Antonucci Lawn and Garden’s residential landscaping Reno services include:

  • Planting: You can select a vast variety of plants to install.
  • Decorative rock: Beautiful decorative rocks are available for residential landscapes.
  • Pavers: Colorful pavers for walkways are a good choice for Reno landscaping.
  • Dry creeks: Dry creeks for drainage are also available at Antonucci Lawn and Garden.
  • Water features: Select a water feature of your choice and according to your budget. You can select fountains with lightings and rocks.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance is not a difficult job when you have Antonucci Lawn and Garden services. The company has the tools and manpower required for a job.

You can view Antonucci Lawn and Garden services online or by giving them a call at 775.841.5296.

The company is ready to answer your questions or help you out regarding Reno landscaping services.

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