There are many wonderful xeriscape (zir-i-skāp) design ideas for your front and backyard. First, however, let’s start by defining what xeriscape means. Simply put, xeriscape is a water conservation concept that utilizes water savings for your yard, without compromising the attractiveness of beautiful Reno landscaping design.

Xeriscape Yard DesignThe term xeriscape comes from the Greek word for dry, which is xeros, and scape, which means picture or a view of a type of scene. Many people think of xeriscape in terms of zero-scape. Meaning boring desert-like landscape designs. However, xeriscape design ideas are just the opposite. They are vibrant and colorful and picture an oasis-like setting. Originally xeriscape was started in dry, drought areas with low levels of rainfall. However, you can now find xeriscape ideas in all fifty states. Utilizing a xeriscape plan for your Reno landscaping can possibly reduce your residential water usage by as much as 60%. Plus the added benefit of lower maintenance costs.

Design With Landscape In Mind

You should always design your xeriscape plan to match your regional climate and soil conditions. This is especially important for landscaping designs in Reno and surrounding areas since we experience different and sometimes unexpected weather changes. When planning your xeriscape ideas, soil preparation and testing how your soil interacts with water is the first and most important planning foundation. Prepping the soil may involve a variety of items. Removing a portion or all of your existing lawn, followed by pre-emergent weed and pest control in the soil. Spending the necessary time to amend your soil to create good aeration and a nutrient balance will definitely pay off in the end.

Xeriscape Yard DesignSlope or grade is a big consideration. Steep slopes, especially those on south and west exposures, wastewater through runoff and rapid water evaporation. When designing your xeriscape yard, make sure any lawn or turf areas are shaped efficiently for the least amount of water overspray.

Accent With Plants And Rock

Plant selection is also very important when planning out xeriscape ideas for your yard. It is important to choose the right plant, placed in the appropriate areas and grouped together according to watering needs. Using mulch around the plant areas will keep the water in the soil closer to the roots, which will reduce moisture evaporation, thus minimizing the amount of water that will be needed. A well thought out irrigation drip system is crucial when it comes to xeriscape ideas. You want to use a zoned system that will best deliver the right amount of water to the plants and trees with the least amount of waste.

Xeriscape Yard DesignBoulders and colored rock are a wonderful addition to any Reno landscaping design. They not only provide a no maintenance addition, but they also add depth, height, and color to the yard. Xeriscape designs can be an oasis of beauty added to your house and yard. The water conservation can be tremendous as well as the long-term maintenance. If planned out and prepared properly, you will have a low-cost, low maintenance wellspring of beauty which you and your neighbors will enjoy for years to come.

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